Think you may want to run for office?

Wondering where to begin?

The Democratic Women’s Club of Worcester County (DWC) is pleased to announce a variety of resources and a scholarship for training programs designed to help those considering a run for office. A limited number of scholarships are available, and the office must represent part or all of Worcester County.

View our scholarship fact sheet for more details!

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Training available!

There are many training programs, classes, and webinars both in person and online to help an individual assess and improve knowledge of what it takes to be a successful candidate at the local, state, or national level.

The programs cover fundraising, campaign strategy, public speaking, media, messaging, ethics, leadership and more. Many of the programs are free.

Programs and Resources

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Schedule of Meetings and Special Events

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How do you pick the right race for you?

  1. Is the seat open? Incumbency is one of the strongest factors in predicting the winner of an election. And sometimes we already have really good people representing us!
  2. What is the history? Become an expert on the district you want to represent.
  3. Any important changes? Have there been any major demographic changes? Have the boundaries of the district changed dramatically making it more or less friendly to Democrats?
  4. How does your profile fit the race and ​​place? You’ll need to piece together your knowledge of the seat history and voting trends with what you’re offering to voters. Think about other candidates too and how you stack up. There should be at least some overlap between your values and those of the people living in your district.
  5. How other elections may impact yours? The top of the ticket can have a big impact on races down the ballot. Also any hot-button issues on the ballot may drive certain voters to turn out.

Finding the answers to these questions will help you pick the right place and race for you. For more resources, visit EMILY’s List.