Strong Schools Worcester County

Strong Schools Worcester County

We formed Strong Schools Worcester County (SSWC) to monitor and support the implementation of The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future.  SSWC members attend every Worcester County School Board meeting and  speak in support of the Blueprint and in opposition to any book banning, discriminating or other radical comments made at those meetings. 

The Blueprint is designed to transform public education in Maryland into a world-class education system that is both excellent and fair.  The goal is that every student, no matter their family income, race, ethnicity or physical, intellectual, and emotional challenges, has the resources to be successful.  Worcester County Public Schools is currently in the process of writing their implementation plans for each of the Blueprint’s five pillars: 

  1. Early Childhood Education
  2. High Quality and Diverse Teachers and School Leaders
  3. New College and Career Readiness Pathways 
  4. More Resources for All Students to Succeed
  5. Governance and Accountability 

The SSWC uses a newsletter, emails and Facebook pages (Strong Schools Worcester County) to keep everyone informed.  Contact Joan Roache [email protected] to be added to the email and newsletter list.

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